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Next Class: Heavenly Hues

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu

By the Qadr of Allah, Qabeelat Hayl has been blessed with news of our latest upcoming seminar: Heavenly Hues taught by Yaser Birjas.

The clarity you’ve been searching for.

Is found in the Qur’an. Unlock the Blessings.


INSTRUCTOR: Yaser Birjas

LOCATION: The Ohio State University

DATES: Weekends of January 23-25 & January 30-February 1

At the time the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, Arabia was a relatively unknown and desolate place. Yet, within 23 short years, the entire region was transformed – from barren to Blessed; the land of the Arabs became the land of the Qur’an – a fountain of knowledge and light, forming a civilization that would be unmatched in its social, economic and political success. Miraculous. What was it that sparked this revolution?

“It was the Qur’an”.

But what of us? What place does the Qur’an occupy in our lives and hearts? Has the Qur’an benefited us the way it should?

A Book which We have sent down, full of blessings, so that they may ponder over its verses, and that men of understanding may remember [38:29]

Allah subhanahu wa ta’la describes the Believers as being unique because they ponder over what has been Revealed.

Wouldn’t you love to have this characteristic as well?

Taking a theme-based approach to the Qur’an will allow you to develop a relationship with the Word of Allah that transcends the barriers Shaytan places in your path. You will look at the Qur’an less as a ‘book’, and more as a manual to your life – as a set of guidelines that shapes your actions, and conditions your thoughts. You will find yourself amazed, pondering at the beauty of what you are reading – the Best of Speech, the Word of Allah


For more info email: ameerah.hayl@almaghrib.org

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