The Revival

March 10th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

With their large and flashy signatures on the AlMaghrib student forums, the students of Qabeelat Hayl never gave up on their mission of bringing AlMaghrib Institute back to their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Some read “Back with a Bang: 2007,” while others read “AlMaghrib: Can you teach us now?” After nearly a 1 yr wait, AlMaghrib Institute is giving Qabeelat Hayl another chance, something that hasn’t been done in AlMaghrib’s 5 yr history.AlMaghrib Institute administrators made the decision to discontinue AlMaghrib classes in Columbus, OH in January 2006. Though the students were upset and angry at the loss, a few months later, the wisdom of being shut down presented itself clearly. The students have proved to themselves and to their community that they are serious about knowledge and about AlMaghrib Institute.Who would have ever thought? A dead Qabeelah with decreasing numbers of students, a Qabeelah that lacked in committed volunteers, a Qabeelah that took AlMaghrib for granted and did not benefit themselves or their community of what they learned, was about to revive itself like no other. Thus, leading to the ultimate revival.For more information, visit here.

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